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Mine Tonight

You and I will never again fit together the way we do tonight,

Your head in the crook of my arm, my shadow scratching against your soft cheek.

When next your tiny fingers crawl along my jaw and twist into my hair,

If ever they do,

They’ll be strong and deft, drumming along the warm skin where curls now grow.

When next I lay my eyes upon yours, fluttering toward the ether,

Yours will be tethered by lines yet unseen,

And your drooling, cooing mouth will have lost its suppleness to the hardness of the world.

So, while I can, I’ll revel in the song of your giggles as you drift away and dream of the sweet life that waits for you beyond our embrace.

And even when you’ve gone, I’ll hold you forever here in this night in my eternal heart.

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