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Telling Some ‘Good Lies’ on Day 16 of NaNoWriMo

My wife and I have developed a real appetite for movies over the last couple of years … which, of course, puts us in the good company of about a billion other people on the planet.

But I’m always amazed by how I don’t ever seem to get tired of watching movies, pretty much like I never get tired of reading books, I guess. And much as with reading, films can inspire story ideas at any moment.

Today we saw a movie called The Good Liar, which stars Helen Mirren as a widow who takes to dating sites to find companionship. She soon meets a man, played by Ian McKellen, who is in much the same situation, and romance of a sort begins to blossom.

This film features an interesting story line and fine acting, but where it really slapped me in the face was with all the twists and turns that developed over the last half of the plot. I’m terrible, terrible, at following snaky story lines, and they pretty much leave me cold.

Time travel, especially of the back-and-fort variety, is the worst.

But The Good Liar reminded me, at least, that there is room in a good story for some break from tradition, and from the expected. It got slightly squirrely form my tastes, but it was well done, and the pieces fit together pretty well.

And, like any good movie, this one sparked my creativity, so that I just had to come home and write a little more on my NaNoWriMo book. I didn’t get crazy with my twists tonight, but I did make things just a bit more spicy.

So, a few lies can serve a purpose at times, I suppose.

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