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5 Websites to Round Up Great Western Short Stories

If you’ve spent any time around these parts (this website), then you probably landed on the idea that I enjoy writing western stories.

That’s because I do!

And I love reading them, too, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I know where to find a few rough-and-tumble tales on the internet.

Here, then, are five websites where you can read some of my favorite western short stories.

Rope and Wire

Rope and Wire is probably my favorite site for reading western short stories, and I think you’ll like it, too.

After all, it’s tough not to find something to your liking when you can choose from among 50 or so different authors with just about every take on the genre you could imagine.

Rope and Wire publishes new stories frequently and lists its most popular tales on the Top Ten page.

If you long for simpler times and open climes, you really need to pay a visit to  this site.

(Full disclosure: one of my short stories is published on Rope and Wire.)


Owlcation is a sprawling endeavor that covers topics ranging from farming to the social sciences to STEM to … well, to western stories.

Run by “educators and experts” across the board, Owlcation is one of those sites where you can lose yourself for hours.

Western lovers will appreciate the curation efforts of Howard Allen, who has pulled together links to 17 classic short stories from around the web.

Settle in, grab a cup of joe, and drink in some tales.

You can find Owlcation’s list of western stories right here.

Black Horse Westerns

Black Horse Westerns is a full-blown publishing imprint devoted to the art form of westerns as literature — novels, short stories, serials, and the like.

Their website is visually appealing (if you like western art and images, at least), and best of all, they have a full page devoted to free short stories and western-focused articles.

You can find that section of their site here.

campfireshadows is the web home of author JW Edwards, and it features his writings on cowboy recipes, western life and times, and, of course, western short stories (and “not so shorts,” as Edwards puts it).

In the western short stories category, Edwards stacks up enough tales to keep you busy for days.

Check them out right here.

writer Rod Miller

Author Rod Miller is a life-long west dweller, with most of his years being spent in Utah. That real-life experience gives his western works an authenticity that’s tough for outsiders to the area to match.

Miller makes his web home at, and there he offers up a page full of his award-winning western short stories.

Have a read (or a few) right here.

Yep, that’s this website.

Including my own work here may seem a bit self-serving, but I hope you can find a few stories you enjoy among the many I’ve published here. (Besides, this is number six, so it’s not hogging up space from the original five sites I promised you.)

Check back here often, too, because I’m always adding more.

Click here to read my short stories.

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