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The Saturday Hole of NaNoWriMo

I’ve written before about how much tougher it seems to be for me to get writing done on the days I don’t work at my normal job.

The routine, the schedule, the ironclad commitments that feel like they strangle me from time to time also help keep me accountable for all aspects of life … including writing.

I’ve got just a few minutes here and a few minutes there to bang out some words … but I know when they will be, and I know they’re my only chances — so I make good use of them.

Today, though, is Saturday. I slept in, took some leisure time, even opened my Scrivener doc and worked on my NaNoWriMo novel.

But the words were tough coming and, really it didn’t matter too much because I’d have time just about all day to write more.

And then … well, I didn’t.

So I ended up with just over 1000 words today, the first time this November I’ve fallen below the daily goal of 1667. I go to bed, then, needed about 2300 words tomorrow to keep my weekend average intact but still ahead of schedule for the month.

I did get to see Doctor Sleep with my wife today, though, and we ate a couple of nice meals, so it’s a win. I’ll take her over words any day.

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